Study Abroad

Erasmus Program

The commencement of a stay abroad at a university in participating in the Erasmus Program or as Free-Mover is possible.

The Chair of Public Finance has two partner universities:

The Masaryk University in Brünn, Czech Republic.

The Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.



The Bavarian Academic Center for Middle, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe awards scholarships for language courses and studies abroad in Eastern Europe. For more information, see the link here.


Credits from Courses Taken Abroad

In order for credit from courses taken abroad to be recognized, students must complete a learning agreement with the respective chair before the stay abroad.

For a detailed overview of learning agreements, see recognition of learning agreements.

Further information can be found on the Homepage of the Internation Relations Office.

Please be aware that there are generally no credits are accepted by the chair for the Master’s Seminar Public Economics I and II for courses taken abroad, especially in the case of lecture-based courses.


One is responsible for making sure that the credits from courses taken aboard are compatible with the examination rules of your course of studies and the requirements of your area of study.

In the case of taking courses abroad in the area of “general economics”, meaning one completes only 5 ETCS at our chair, usually only learning agreements for 2.5 ETCS in the core area are concluded. If there are learning agreements for several courses at your host university, you must decide on one course.